Secret Teachings of Plants:01 - Heart stores memory(心臓には記憶があります)

日本語を英語の下に書きました。今朝のMorning Yogaクラスでシェアした本「Secret Teachings of Plants」からの引用です。

Here's what I shared in my class  this morning from the book by Stephen Harrod Buhner "Secret Teachings of Plants".  



"Between 60 to 65 percent of the cells in the heart are neural cells.  They are the same kind as those in the brain and they function in exactly the same way. ....The heart posseses its own nervous system and, in essence, is a specialized brain that processes specific types of information."


“The heart also has its own memory. People who receive transplanted hearts often take on behaviors common to the person to whom the heart originally belonged such as liking salsa for instance but were not something they formerly did at all. ...  These memories affect consciousness and behavior, how we perceive the world. They most often have to do with specific emotional experiences and the meanings embedded within them.  The more intense the emotional experience, the more likely it will be stored by the heart as memory.”