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2015年バリ島で行われた500時間女性のためのヨガ教師トレーニング「Shakti Initiation」を修了






Yoga of Life スタッフBlog 「なぜ90年代にクリパルセンターへ?」




Eriko Hase


Certified by these trainings;

・200-hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training 

・500-hr Shakti Initiation Women Only Yoga Leadership Training in Bali

・Yoga for women: controlling menstrual blood  (not YA approved training)


Born and raised in Japan, Eriko went to US for the first time as an exchange student in public high school in Richmond, Virginia where she learned English.

After graduated from university in Kobe, Japan, she lived and studied yoga at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA, the largest yoga retreat center in North America.  

She practiced yoga off the mat mostly during working in radio and music industry for nearly 20 years, but returned to the path of yoga in 2012.  

Now she teaches yoga both Japanese and English, translates yoga material in English, and interprets workshops/retreats led by English-speaking yoga teachers from abroad.



My story....


While working part time at FM radio station when I was a university student, I discovered Kripalu Yoga.  My assignment was to find topics and arrange live phone interviews on the air.  I found in a travel magazine about workshop for couples “Deepen Your Love” at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts which sounded very extraordinary in Japan that time (early 90’s).  So I contacted Kripalu Center and arranged a phone interview with Don Stapleton.  


After graduated from university, I didn’t want to pursue normal corporate career so I decided to apply for volunteer at Kripalu Center and lived there for 5 months.  I practiced yoga on the mat everyday for 5 months and learned about Yoga; pranayama, mediation, asana, yoga philosophy, and transformation.  At the end of 5 month, I thought about staying in Kripalu, but I decided to go out to the world and experience “normal” life keeping the practice of Kripalu Yoga off the mat. 


I worked in a radio industry for a few years and later moved to dance music industry managing DJs, bringing international DJs to Japan, and also worked as a translater.  As dance music industry became more commercial and underground scene shrank, my interest in dance music started to fade away and my passion for yoga grew.  


Then I started to go back to Kripalu Yoga studio in Tokyo; Yoga of Life.  I started to work as a desk staff, and practiced more yoga on the mat.  One of the senior Kripalu teacher Priti Robyn Ross was invited to Yoga of Life in 2013 and I looked after her in Tokyo.  She asked me quite naturally “So, when are you going to be a Kripalu Yoga teacher?”  


I enrolled myself to 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training with Rudy Peirce and Jovinna Chan from November 2013.  I graduated from YTT in 7 February 2014 and became a Kripalu Yoga teacher.  


My work place, Yoga of Life, invited Jovinna Chan, my dear teacher to Japan in April 2014.  I looked after her in Tokyo, and this time I translated her workshops and yoga classes from English to Japanese.  It was my first time translating yoga language to Japanese.  I witnessed myself becoming a vessel conveying Jovinna’s messages and energy to Japanese students.  I was present but felt as if I became transparent.  It was a profound experience.    



All these experience in the past make me who I am today.  I learned so much from Kripalu.  I’d like to share my Kripalu experience with others now.  Everyone has divine self inside, we all know it.  Once you access it, your life starts to flourish.  I know Kripalu is the tool to get in touch with yourself and live your life fully.  And I’d like to be the tool to serve for anyone who comes to my yoga class to find tranquility within and restore their balance.